Injunctions Law & practice



Author : Brendan Kirwan
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 14/09/2015
ISBN: 9780414050631
Jurisdiction: Ireland

Injunctions Law and Practice examines the law and practice relating to injunctions as a discrete topic, looking at them from a statutory, case-based and practical perspective.

New to this edition

* Highlights the evolving approach of the courts to their jurisdiction to hear injunction applications, including an analysis of appropriate originating documentation, together with a consideration of the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court to hear injunction applications
* Identifies the role and practice of the Court of Appeal on injunction applications
* Considers the impact of Regulation 1215/2012, Brussels 1 Recast
* Reviews the ongoing evolution and refinement of the Campus Oil guidelines coupled with the Okunade gloss, with a focus on the emphasis of the courts on achieving the least risk of injustice
* Includes expanded coverage and analysis of the following key areas: the costs of interlocutory injunction applications in light of the amendments to RSC Ord.99; the obligation on the State to give undertakings as to damages; commercial injunctions; employment law injunctions both pre- and post- termination; and the approach to injunction applications in different areas of the civil and criminal law including alternative dispute resolution, banking and finance law, company and insolvency law, Constitutional law, European law, immigration law, intellectual property, land and related rights, planning law and publication
* Detailed review of the distinction between civil and criminal contempt
* Explores possible reform of rules and procedures
* Includes all up-to-date case law
* Fully-restructured to make the title even more accessible


* Domestic Jurisdiction
* Extraterritorial Jurisdiction
* Parties to the Action
* Equitable and General Principles
* Interim Applications
* Interlocutory Applications
* Perpetual Injunctions
* Commercial Injunctions
* Employment
* General Application
* Breach of an Injunction

About the author
Brendan Kirwan is a practising barrister.

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