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Author: Simon Shire

ISBN: 9781911611073

Format: Paperback

Price: Approx: 110.00

Est. publishing date: 10/2021 


Entertainment and Media Law in Ireland explains the typical issues which arise in the media and entertainment industry in Ireland to better equip the reader with a valuable working knowledge of the fundamentals. It seeks to serve the needs of time-pressed professionals working in this area by providing a helpful quick-reference guide.

Entertainment and Media Law in Ireland can be viewed as a series of signposts in the form of best practice principles and is written from a practical and business perspective. It is presented in straightforward, non-specialist, jargon-free language while simultaneously citing legislation, EU law and common law for the benefit of its legal and more experienced audience. The chapters are kept as concise as practicable.

With 30 chapters divided into four parts, this book covers a wide range of issues including: Media; General Entertainment; Film, Television and Radio Show Production; and Music Production and Performances. This book also discusses sample contract clauses and provides extracts from relevant agreements, where appropriate.

Entertainment and Media Law in Ireland is the first book of its kind in Ireland collating a wealth of information sources to address the myriad of crucial business and legal considerations confronting creative practitioners and lawyers alike, from the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to obtain filming permits, to the hazards of court reporting and defamation for journalists and bloggers, to ensuring all production paperwork is in order to allow full, commercial exploitation of a music composition or film. It draws on the author’s substantial legal experience as well as his deep appreciation and in-depth understanding of music, television, film and radio production. The book emerged from a prompt discovery of the dearth of authoritative sources available covering the subject issues and his yearning to provide a one-stop resource to redress this glaring deficiency.

Content Includes

Part I. Multimedia
1. The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland
2. Broadcasting Regulation: Compliance and Enforcement
3. Broadcasting Regulation: Sponsorship and Product Placement
4. Commission for Communications Regulation
5. Defamation of Individuals
6. Defamation of Business and Product Disparagement
7. Parody and Satire
8. Blasphemy
9. Court Reporting and Contempt of Court
10. Norwich Pharmacal Orders and Copyright Infringement
11. Gagging Orders and Super Injunctions
12. The Press Council of Ireland and Office of the Press Ombudsman
Part II. Business Management
13. Setting up a Multimedia Business or Production Company
14. Media, Event and Film Production Insurance
15. Safety, Health and Welfare at Work
16. Exemption from Income Tax of Certain Earnings of Writers, Composers and Artists
Part III. General Entertainment
17. Occasional Licences (Sale of Intoxicating Liquor) for Marquees
18. Licensing of Concerts, Festivals, Public Events and Theatres
19. Regulation of Casinos, Gaming, Betting and Lotteries
20. Premium Rate Services
21. Permits for Busking and Street Performances
22. Fire Safety, Occupiers’ Liability, Event Security, the Private Security Authority and Licensing Indoor Events
Part IV. Audio-Visual and Music Productions
23. Production and Arts Funding, The Irish Film Board and Section 481 Relief
24. Chain of Title and Deliverables for State Funding
25. Copyright, Moral Rights and Performance Rights
26. Trade Marks and Trade Mark Infringement
27. Filming Permits, Data Protection and Drones
28. Employment of Children and Young persons
29. Releases for Film and Documentaries
30. Animal Actors and Circus Animals
31. Music Clearances and Music Licensing
32. Actors: Remuneration and Residuals
33. Contracts for Writers, Cast and Crew
34. Distribution Agreements, Digital Distribution Using Aggregators and Distribution Funding
Part V. Music Production and Performances
35. Music Insurance
36. Copyright and Music Publishing
37. Royalties and Performance Rights Societies
38. The War of Music Plagiarism Lawsuits
39. Shooting Music Videos

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