An Island`s Law


For its 25th anniversary year, the Irish Legal History Society has republished two bibliographical essays by its progenitor and former president, Professor W.N. Osborough - fully revised, updated, and collected here with a new third essay to form an extensive bibliographical study of Irish legal history. The book provides a full and fascinating insight into the depth and breadth of research on the subject (and no less to the range and rigor of Professor Osborough's learning), and it will be an authoritative and indispensable guide for all those interested in the legal history of this island. Also included, to mark the anniversary, as well as to pay tribute to Professor Osborough, are his inaugural address from 1988 and a speech by Professor Norma Dawson on the occasion of his retirement from the Council of the Society in 2011. This unique collection offers a complete overview of Irish legal history scholarship from one of its leading exponents. (Series: Irish Legal History Society)