Charity Law

Author : Kerry O'Halloran
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 31/12/2009
ISBN: 9781858005461
Jurisdiction: Ireland

Charity Law - 2nd edition addresses the modern law relating to this sector. Like the first edition, it comes at a time of public concern about the law regulating charitable activity. While concentrating on both legal and practitioner issues, this book also explores the modern concept of charity.

It examines and explains the regulatory framework for charity and the need for transparency and public accountability. It gives you a complete understanding of the changes introduced by the Charities Act 2009, giving particular attention to the responsibilities of the new regulatory authority for charities, the importance of the role now statutorily allocated to the public benefit principle, and the significance of a new extended range of charitable purposes.


Part 1 - Concepts, principles and historical background; Part 2 - The regulatory framework; Part 3 - Charitable purposes; Part 4 - Organisation and governance; Part 5 - Property and finance; Part 6 - Termination; Appendices.

Kerry O'Halloran is an academic lawyer who is currently Adjunct Professor at the Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, QUT, Brisbane.