Civil Litigation, OHare & Brown



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Author: John O'Hare, Kevin Browne

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd

Edition: 19 ed

ISBN: 9780414072107

Published: 31 Oct 2019


This book explains how the civil procedure rules work in practice. The book covers the entire spectrum of civil litigation in a general and basic way. It provides a step-by-step guide through all stages of a civil action, from funding through to trial, costs, enforcement and appeals.


It is applicable to all civil litigation fee earners, barristers practising in civil litigation, trainee solicitors and barristers, and lpc (legal practice course) and bptc (bar professional training course) students and as such the market consists of students (though less so in recent years given an increase in student textbooks in this area), trainee solicitors and barristers, and new practitioners. It functions well as a transitional text offering more practical advice than a student textbook but still at a relatively basic level, making it useful for new practitioners, but perhaps less so for those more experienced who would likely go straight to the white book for their information. Although it does not follow its exact structure, this book mirrors the white book, and is cross-referenced to it. That is, rather than covering everything the white book does, it picks out the parts of the civil procedure that the authors feel are most in need of additional guidance. It is therefore a complementary text to the white book and serves as a feeder to it. The book is also an excellent refresher text.


By publishing every two years the authors are able to analyse and comment upon the changes as they evolve and bed down. This keeps the text fresh and topical, as it needs to be because the cpr is amended up to four times a year (and the white book is supplemented in tandem).




  • Provides a practical, comprehensive and detailed guide covering all areas of civil litigation in the high court and county court
  • Explains how the civil procedure rules work in practice
  • Guides you through the procedure involved in any civil matter
  • Covers all stages of litigation in a logical sequence from pre-action to enforcement and appeals
  • Expert authors provide tactical and strategic advice, tips and solutions
  • Includes examples to help clarify what you need to do
  • Deals with costs and funding
  • Provides references to court forms and relevant rules
  • Refers to the civil procedure rules and the white book
  • Fully up to date with the latest legislative developments
  • Written in a concise and accessible narrative style, made easily navigable with helpful and frequent subheadings


New for the 19th edition:


There are new sections and discussions on:

  • Adjudications in the tcc
  • Shorter and flexible trial schemes
  • Disclosure pilot for the business and property courts
  • Proportionality factors and how to apply them
  • Appointment of an advocate to the court
  • County court powers on awarding interest catch-up with the high court
  • The new cpr rule 39.2 on public or private hearings
  • Proposals to increase the small claims track in pi claims

Plus a whole host of new case law.

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