Divorce Law and Practice



Author : Geoffrey Shannon
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 01/12/2007
ISBN: 9781858004822
Jurisdiction: Ireland

The introduction of divorce marked a watershed in Irish legal and social history. Since its introduction on February 27, 1997 several cases have come before the Circuit, High and Supreme Courts which have provided clarification on some of the ambiguities in the legislation. The introduction of Brussels II Regulation had fundamentally altered the manner in which divorce advice is imparted.

*This lengthy 400-500 page book provides you with an in-depth analysis of the key areas of divorce with plenty of examples.
*It is a definitive work which explores the changes and developments that have taken place since the introduction of divorce.
*It is a comprehensive one-stop shop for all family law practitioners.
*The book reveals how trends in particular areas have begun to emerge in divorce over the last decade.
*This book examines in detail the development of divorce over the last 10 years and provides you with useful examples.

Contents: Consequences of decree of divorce; Grounds for divorce, Factors considered by the Court, The Family Home, Maintenance, Succession rights, Property adjustment orders, Pensions, Practice and procedure in divorce applications, Ancillary relief, Recognition of foreign divorces, Brussels II.

Geoffrey Shannon is a solicitor and Deputy Director of Education in The Law Society of Ireland.

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