Drunken Driving


SKU: 9780414050662

Author : David Staunton

Publisher: Round Hall

Publication Date: 25/09/2015

ISBN: 9780414050662

Jurisdiction: Ireland


The book is a comprehensive update on the area of drunken driving and related intoxicant offences. It provides detailed analysis of recent significant cases and legislative updates. It also provides a user friendly guide for court and for reference.


Key Features

* An easy-to-understand text that provides you with analysis and interpretation of what is a notoriously technical and complex area of law

* Up to date analysis including all important case law and legislation including the Road Traffic Act 2014

* Provides a practical guide to the prosecution and defence of drunken driving and related cases

* Contains relevant consolidated legislation for ease of reference

* Contains essential reference materials such as up to date disqualification periods and technical data



* Introduction and Historical background

* Section 4 Road Traffic Act 2010

* Section 5 Road Traffic Act 2010

* Preliminary Specimens under the Road Traffic Act 2010

* Arrest and Detention

* Section 12 and 14 Road Traffic Act 2010

* Failure or Refusal to provide evidential specimens

* Certificate Evidence under the Road Traffic Acts

* Miscellaneous Road Traffic Act Provisions

* Disclosure and Pre-Trial Steps

* Appeals

* Applications to remove a disqualification from driving

* Appendices

- Table of Penalties and Disqualifications

- Fixed Penalty Provisions under the Road Traffic Act 2010

- Section 13 Regulations

- Section 15 and Section 17 Regulations

- Section 11 Impairment Test Regulations

- MBRS instructions for Doctors in relation to the taking of Blood and Urine specimens




About the author

David Staunton BL is a practising barrister specialising in criminal law and road traffic offences. David has considerable experience in defending intoxicated driving offences and has acted in some of the significant cases determined by the Superior Courts in recent times. David has also written and lectured extensively on the topic.