Getting the Best Out of Your Solicitor

Carbolic Smoke Ball

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The wording is as follows:

1. [Important] Avoid violence unless absolutely necessary.

2. Avoid eye contact, displays of emotion or sudden movements near your solicitor.

3. If you need to communicate with your solicitor try to do so as obliquely as possible, preferably in writing. Do not use red or green ink. Keep underlining to a minimum.

4. Pace your correspondence. Try to allow at least 3 months before chasing. Law is an ancient profession and, even today, many solicitors still work to the natural rythmn of the seasons.

5. Give your solicitor gifts and small treats from time to time. It helps maintain his/her attention.

6. Make frequent unsolicited large payments on account of legal expenses.

7. Emphasize that as far as you're concerned it's not the winning or losing but the taking part that's important.

8. [This is Crucial] Be very nice to The Secretary.

The print is A4 size, and is supplied in a modern clip frame which comes ready to hang.

Go on, we dare you! Put it in the client loo.