Media Law In Ireland


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By: Eoin Carolan, Ailbhe O'Neill
Published: 31-12-2010

About Media Law in Ireland
Tackling a subject of considerable social and cultural significance, Media Law in Ireland offers a comprehensive overview of one of the most dynamic and rapidly changing areas of Irish law. Radical new legislation on privacy and defamation, together with the increased European regulation of media affairs, has created a much altered environment for media organisations. Technological innovations, like the internet, the message board and the citizen journalist, pose further problems for the law's traditional understanding of media matters. Examining these developments in an authoritative yet accessible way, this timely publication will be of enormous value to students, practitioners and media employees alike.

Table Of Contents
1 Theories of Freedom of Expression and the Media
2 Freedom of Media Expression under the Constitution and the Convention
3 Censorship and Public Morality
4 The Media and Politics
5 The Media and the Courts
6 Defamation
7 Privacy
8 Broadcasting Regulation in Ireland
9 Regulation of the Press
10 Media Ownership