Professional Ethics 19th Edition

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Written by experienced practitioners, Professional Ethics equips the reader with a solid understanding of the key ethical and professional conduct issues which underpin all types of practice at the Bar. Including full discussion of the letter and spirit of the Code of Conduct issued by the Bar Standards Board, the manual provides full coverage of the professional conduct principles which govern the working relationships of the barrister with the client, prosecution or defence counsel, the courts and other members of the legal profession. The manual also features a dedicated chapter which identifies the key principles of professional conduct applicable to the core skills of the barrister ensuring that the reader is fully able to uphold the high professional standards of the Bar across all areas of practice.


Potentially problematic areas of practice are identified throughout, and practical guidance is given on the correct approach to follow in such situations should they be encountered in practice. The manual also features a number of exercises designed to encourage the reader to consider how professional conduct principles apply to realistic scenarios. For ease of reference, the Code of Conduct is provided as an appendix at the end of the manual.


Professional Ethics is essential reading for all trainee barristers, and is a useful source of reference for practitioners seeking to refresh their knowledge of the rules and principles of professional conduct which govern practice at the Bar.





2:You and the court

3:Behaving ethically

4:You and your client

5:You and your regulator

6:You and your practice

7:Dealing with a client without a solicitor - public access and licensed access work


9:The unregistered barrister

10:The scope of practice

11:The Qualification Rules

12:The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

13:The letter and spirit of the Code: Professional ethics and personal values


14:Professional conduct problems

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