The Devil's Handbook 2nd Edition



The Devil's Handbook: Your Survival Guide to Life in the Law Library 2nd ed
Sarah Carew, Sonya Donnelly

ISBN13: 9780414038875
Previous Edition ISBN: 9781858006666
Published: November 2014
Publisher: Round Hall Press
Country of Publication: Ireland
Format: Paperback

From wigs and gowns to organising your Irish taxation and financial affairs, The Devil's Handbook 2nd ed has you covered.

Practical and concise, it is a must-have reference, packed full of tips and advice. It ensures that you can feel confident in court, even during your first few days, by advising you of common pitfalls and steering you in the right direction.

It is invaluable both to new entrants to the Law Library who are literally finding their way, and to seasoned professionals as a handy refresher.

How it helps:-

Covers the Basics - From finding your way around, to court attire
Gives you guidance on Criminal and Civil Litigation
Includes an overview of each of the High Court lists with explanations as to the rules of Court
Details practical issues that arise during hearings
Introduces you to relevant Taxation and Financial affairs
Includes handy appendices such as fee notes and a list of District Courts and Garda Stations
Provides tips from the County Registrar on common mistakes made by devils

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