Tomorrow's Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future



Richard Susskind

ISBN13: 9780199668069
New Edition ISBN: 9780198796633
Published: January 2013
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Paperback

Wildy's Book of the Month: January 2013

Tomorrow's Lawyers predicts fundamental and irreversible changes in the world of law. For Richard Susskind, best-selling author of The End of Lawyers?, the future of legal service will be neither Grisham nor Rumpole. Instead, it will be a world of virtual courts, Internet-based global legal businesses, online document production, commoditized service, legal process outsourcing, and web-based simulated practice.

Legal markets will be liberalized, with new jobs for lawyers and new employers too. This book is a definitive guide to this future - for young and aspiring lawyers, and for all who want to modernize our legal and justice systems. It introduces the new legal landscape and offers practical guidance for those who intend to build careers and businesses in law.

Tomorrow's Lawyers is divided into three parts. The first is an updated restatement of Richard Susskind's views on the future of legal services, as laid out in his previous bestselling works, The Future of Law, Transforming the Law, and The End of Lawyers?. He identifies the key drivers of change, such as the economic downturn, and considers how these will impact on the legal marketplace.

In the second part, Susskind sketches out the new legal landscape as he predicts it, including the changing role of law firms, and in-house lawyers, and the coming of virtual hearings and online dispute resolution. The third part focuses on the prospects for aspiring lawyers, predicting what new jobs and new employers there will be, and equipping prospective lawyers with penetrating questions to put to their current and future employers.

This is the essential introduction to the future of law for those who want to succeed in the rapidly changing legal landscape.

The first introduction for young and aspiring lawyers to the new legal landscape and how to succeed in it
A revised and updated vision of the future, by one of the world's leading experts whose past predictions for the law have generally come to pass
Provides solutions to major concerns within the legal profession, such as diminishing public funding, and explores alternative roles for future lawyers in a world increasingly dominated by IT
Identifies new employers for lawyers of the future and equips young lawyers with questions to ask prospective employers


1. Radical Changes in the Legal Market
Three Drivers of Change
Strategies for Success
Commoditizing the Law
Working Differently
Disruptive Legal Technologies
2. The New Landscape
The Future of Law Firms
The Shifting Role of In-House Lawyers
The Timing of the Changes
Access to Justice and Online Legal Services
Judges, IT, Virtual Courts and ODR
3. Prospects for Young Lawyers
New Jobs for Lawyers
Who will Employ Young Lawyers
Training Lawyers for What
Replacing the Old Training Ground
Questions to Ask Employers
The Long Term
Further Reading

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