Company Law 5th Edition

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Author : Michael Forde
Publisher: Round Hall
ISBN: 9780414056350
Jurisdiction: Ireland

The new edition of Company Law has been specially written with the busy accountant, company secretary and legal practitioner in mind. It contains a complete analysis of all aspects of Company Law, other than insolvency issues. Most importantly this edition incorporates the entirely new Companies Act 2014 including the new rules and reforms under the Act. Company Law gives a comprehensive account of the law governing Irish-registered companies, explaining the 2014 Act and referencing all related leading cases on the subject.

Table of Contents

2.Regulating Companies
3.Company Formation
4.Corporate Responsibility
5.Governance - the Members
6.Management ? the Officers
7.Officers Duties and Liabilities
8.Company Contracts and Liabilities
9.Share Capital
10.Shareholders Rights
11.Minority Protection
12.Fundamental Changes
13.Takeovers and Mergers
14.Close Companies and Groups
15.Distinctive Companies
16.Public and Traded Companies
18.Creditors, Debentures and Security
19.Accounts, Audits and Disclosures
20.Striking Off and Winding Up
21.European and International Aspects
22.Litigation Practice and Procedure

About the authors

Michael Forde Senior Counsel, based in Dublin, practising in Constitutional/Administrative law, EU Law, and aspects of international law, e.g. extradition and mutual assistance.

Hugh Kennedy is a barrister, now based in Tokyo, specialising in international trade arrangements.

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