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Companies Act 2014 - Volume 1 and 2Companies Act 2014 - Volume 1 and 2
Companies Act 2014: 2022 edition
Sale of Goods ActsSale of Goods Acts
Torts In Ireland
Contract Law Mc Dermott 2nd Edition
Law Of TortsLaw Of Torts
Kelly: The Irish Constitution
Garda Powers: Law and Practice
Drunken Driving  2nd editionDrunken Driving  2nd edition
Criminal Procedure
Company Law - Keane
Wylie on Irish Land Law
Principles of Irish Contract Law
Criminal Law
The Law of Evidence in IrelandThe Law of Evidence in Ireland
The Law of CompaniesThe Law of Companies
Non-Fatal Offences Against The Person
Wills - Irish Precedents and Drafting
The Criminal Process
Sexual Offences
Land Law - Essential Law Texts