Family Law 2nd edition

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By Louise Crowley and Marianne Joyce

ISBN:  9780414115187

Publishing: 12/2023



The new edition of Family Law provides the practitioner and student with a comprehensive and definitive analysis of Irish family law, in an ever-evolving society. It is an extensive commentary on the law in all aspects of interpersonal familial relationships and considers the role and obligations of the State in protecting and regulating the family and individuals in the family context. It provides a comprehensive insight into reported and unreported decisions of the courts, legislation and other relevant developments.

New to this Edition

- Features numerous cases relating to family law decided in Ireland, including In re JJ [2021] IESC 1; IRM v Minister for Justice and Equality [2016] IEHC 478; M (Immigration - Rights of Unborn) v Minister for Justice and Equality [2018] IESC 4; MR and DR v An tÁrd Chláraitheoir [2014] IESC 60.
- Deals with the legislative changes introduced by the Children's Rights Referendum, including the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 and the Adoption (Amendment) Act 2017. Includes the reform of domestic violence legislation in Ireland, the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and the Family Law Act 2019.
- All chapters have been revised and rewritten to incorporate recent developments, and many have been expanded to cover areas not previously addressed in the first edition of 2013.
- Revises and updates the content generally on the law relating to both the marital and non-marital family, and children.

About the Author

Louise Crowley is a professor in family law at University College Cork and the Director of the LLM (Children's Rights and Family law). Louise is widely published on a range of family law issues, in particular in respect of the regulation of the family in an ever-evolving society and the regulation of rights and obligations on relationship breakdown. Louise is a national expert on regulation and responses to domestic and intimate partner abuse.

Marianne Joyce has recently completed the LLM in Children's Rights and Family Law at University College Cork. Marianne has previously published on children and young people's participation in research, having worked as a youth researcher for a number of years. In 2022, she worked as an administrative officer at the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, preparing a report that was submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. She is currently working as a research assistant in the Bystander Intervention Programme at University College Cork.

Table of Contents

1. The Family, Marriage and the Law
2. Non-Marital Family
3. Child Law
4. Guardianship, Custody and Access
5. State Intervention in the Family
6. Adoption law
7. Child Abduction
8. Judicial Separation
9. Divorce
10. Private Ordering
11. Ancillary Relief
12. Nullity
13. Domestic Violence


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