Charleton and McDermott's Criminal Law and Evidence



Authors: Peter Charleton, Paul A McDermott

Published: 29-10-2020

Format: Hardback

Edition: 2nd

ISBN: 9781845922313


From the various elements of liability and participation, to specific offences such as homicide and sexual offences, this key book has been fully updated to the most recent legislative and case law developments.


It includes, amongst many important features, a detailed treatment of the defences that may be raised, and will prove invaluable to barristers, solicitors and legal students alike.


Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Constructing Criminal Liability

Chapter 2: Fundamental Principles of Evidence

Chapter 3: Hearsay and Confessions

Chapter 4: Legal Action and Illegal Exclusion

Chapter 5: Disclosure and Privilege

Chapter 6: Witness Examination

Chapter 7: Complicity in Offences

Chapter 8: Inchoate Offences

Chapter 9: Possession

Chapter 10: Homicide

Chapter 11: Sexual Violence

Chapter 12: Non-Fatal Offences

Chapter 13: Offences against Property

Chapter 14: Corporate Crime

Chapter 15: Introduction to the Defences

Chapter 16: Lawful Use of Force

Chapter 17: Provocation

Chapter 18: Entrapment

Chapter 19: Estoppel

Chapter 20: Insanity, Diminished Responsibility and Automatism

Chapter 21: Duress

Chapter 22: Necessity

Chapter 23: Mistake

Chapter 24: Infancy

Chapter 25: Intoxication

Chapter 26: Unconstitutionality

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