Delany and McGrath on Civil Procedure 5th edition

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Delany and McGrath on Civil Procedure 5th ed
Hilary Biehler, Declan McGrath, Emily Egan McGrath, Aoife Beirne, Gerard Downey

ISBN13: 9780414118577
Previous Edition ISBN: 9780414066335
To be Published: February 2024
Publisher: Round Hall Press
Country of Publication: Ireland

Master the rules of civil procedure and succeed in legal practice. With extensive coverage of the latest cases and decisions, and key practice tips from experienced litigators, this essential resource will enhance your understanding of civil procedure and help you excel in the courtroom.

The fifth edition of Delany and McGrath on Civil Procedure provides comprehensive analysis of the main areas of civil practice and procedure in the Superior Courts. It contains in-depth commentary on the key aspects of procedure in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court and refers to relevant case law, primary and secondary legislation and practice directions.

Key Features:

Contains comprehensive analysis of relevant case law, legislation, statutory instruments and practice directions relating to aspects of civil procedure.
Includes extensive analysis of various aspects of civil procedure such as the commencement and service of proceedings, pleadings, summary and special summons procedures, the trial of plenary actions, the procedure in personal injury actions and in the Commercial List, and the bringing of appeals to the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.
Examines interlocutory applications such as discovery, interrogatories, security for costs, dismissal of proceedings and the addition of third parties.
Contains in-depth analysis of judicial review applications, the procedure governing proceedings by way of case stated, and the recognition and enforcement of judgments under the Brussels Regulation.

The new edition includes:

Rules of the Superior Courts (Order 19) 2023 (operational from 22 September 2023)
Rules of the Superior Courts (Bankruptcy) 2023 (operational from 3 October 2023)
Rules of the Superior Courts (Subpoena) 2023 (operational from 3 October 2023)
Rules of the Superior Courts (Orders 36 and 52) 2023 (operational from 8 December 2023)

1. Jurisdiction
2. Commencement of Proceedings
3. Service
4. Appearance
5. Pleadings
6. Parties
7. Joinder of Causes of Action
8. Remittal of Proceedings
9. Third Party Procedure
10. Discovery
11. Preservation and Inspection
12. Interrogatories
13. Security for Costs
14. Trial of Issues
15. Delay and Want of Prosecution
16. Striking Out Proceedings
17. Discontinuance
18. Lodgments and Offers
19. Alternative Dispute Resolution
20. Settlement of Proceedings
21. Evidence
22. Plenary Trial
23. Appeals
24. Costs
25. Judgments and Orders
26. Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
27. Summary Summons Procedure
28. Special Summons Procedure
29. Personal Injury Actions
30. The Commercial List
31. Judicial Review
32. Case Stated Procedure

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