The Law of Companies



4th Edition

Published: 26-10-2016
Format: Hardback
Edition: 4th
ISBN: 9781780438405

About The Law of Companies
The Companies Act 2014 makes the most far-reaching and fundamental changes to Irish company law in two generations, putting forward a radically different approach whereby the private company limited by shares will become the new model company. The structure of the fourth edition of this highly regarded title mirrors this new Act.

The Act comprises over 1,448 Parts and represents the modern statement of the law applicable to the formation of companies, administration and management to their winding up and dissolution, incorporating the rights and duties of their officers, members and creditors. The Act commences on 1 June 2015 and introduces significant changes for companies operating in Ireland. This work has been expanded and revised to account for these legislative changes and important case law.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: The Private Company Limited by Shares in Context
Chapter 2: Incorporation and Re-registration of LTDs
Chapter 3: The Constitution of a Company
Chapter 4: Incorporation and its Consequences
Chapter 5: Disregarding Separate Legal Personality
Chapter 6: Corporate Civil Litigation
Chapter 7: Corporate Contracts, Capacity and Authority
Chapter 8: Shares and Share Capital
Chapter 9: Share Transfers
Chapter 10: The Maintenance of Company Capital
Chapter 11: Shareholders' Remedies
Chapter 12: Groups of Companies
Chapter 13: Corporate Governance: Management by the Directors
Chapter 14: Corporate Governance: Meetings
Chapter 15: Directors: Corporate Obligations and Criminal Liability
Chapter 16: Directors: Fiduciary Duties and Personal Liability
Chapter 17: Directors: Regulation of Transactions and Arrangements
Chapter 18: Financial Statements, Audit and Annual Return
Chapter 19: Corporate Borrowing: Debentures and Security
Chapter 20: Corporate Borrowing: Registration of Charges
Chapter 21: Corporate Borrowing: Receivers
Chapter 22: Schemes, Reorganisations, Mergers and Divisions
Chapter 23: Examinerships
Chapter 24: Winding Up Companies
Chapter 25: Liquidators
Chapter 26: Realisation and Distribution of Assets in a Winding Up
Chapter 27: Strike Off and Restoration
Chapter 28: Investigations and Inspectors
Chapter 29: Company Law Compliance and Enforcement
Chapter 30: Designated Activity Companies
Chapter 31: Public Limited Companies
Chapter 32: Companies Limited by Guarantee
Chapter 33: Unlimited Companies
Chapter 34: Conversion by Re-registration
Chapter 35: External Companies

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