Treitel on The Law of Contract



15th Edition
ISBN:  9780414070714
Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell
Author: Professor Edwin Peel
Publication Date:  31 Mar 2020

Treitel on the Law of Contract is recognised as the most thorough and discerning treatment of contract law. It is a widely adopted textbook for students and a valuable source of reference for practitioners. This new edition provides a clear and detailed analysis of an increasingly complex area of law.

Examines, and offers resolutions to, controversial and problematic points of law
Takes account of a number of cases in the Supreme Court including Arnold v Britton and Wood v Sureterm (interpretation), Marks & Spencer v BNP Paribas (implied terms), Patel v Mirza (illegality), Cavendish v Makdessi (penalties), and Morris-Garner v One Step (“negotiating damages”)
Also covers important developments in the Court of Appeal including FSHC Group Holdings v Glas Trust (rectification) and First Tower Trustees v CDS (Superstores International) (“non-reliance”) clauses
Incorporates the provisions of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 into the chapters affected

Treitel remains the most coherent, comprehensive and compelling analysis of contract law on the market.


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