Sentencing Law, 3rd Edition



Author : Thomas O'Malley
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 23/06/2016
ISBN: 9780414038066
Jurisdiction: Ireland

This new edition of Sentencing Law and Practice provides judges and practitioners with a comprehensive and reliable analysis of Irish sentencing law, with particular emphasis on general principles, it also analyses all recent legislation and its implications for sentencing practice. Extensive use is made of comparative law for illustrative purposes.

Key Features
* A clear and comprehensive account of Irish sentencing law and practice
* Analyses all relevant legislation and case law.
* Incorporates relevant comparative material from other jurisdictions
* New and extended treatment of general principles, mitigating factors and aggravating factors.
* Discusses relevant case law of the European Court of Human Rights as well as new EU directives.

New to this edition
* A completely revised and rewritten edition of this standard work
* A detailed analysis of recent guideline judgments of the Court of Criminal Appeal
* Comprehensive coverage of legislation and case law on the suspended sentence, fines and community service
* New chapters and sections on firearms offences, fraud offences and white-collar crime.
* A strong comparative approach with extensive reference to case law from other jurisdictions
* Draws on recent social science research on youth offending and related matters.

Thomas O Malley is a Senior Lecturer in Law at NUI Galway, a practising barrister and a member of the Law Reform Commission. He has published widely in the fields of criminal law and criminal justice

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