White-Collar Crime in Ireland: Law and Policy



White-Collar Crime in Ireland: Law and Policy
Edited by: Joe McGrath

ISBN13: 9781911611219
Publisher: Clarus Press
Country of Publication: Ireland
Format: Paperback

White-collar crime has become an area of significant interest for academics, practitioners, policy makers, and those with an interest in corporate affairs. However, this sudden surge of interest lacks a tradition of scholarship in Ireland. Moreover, new laws governing the corporate and financial sectors have also precipitated an increasingly intense demand for legal advice on securing compliance and from those seeking to defend themselves against prosecutions and other enforcement actions.

However, as relatively few criminal investigations and prosecutions were conducted in the past, there is a relative dearth of published materials available for practitioners and researchers in the field. Moreover, even to the extent that published literature is available, it rarely reflects the experiences of those involved in investigating, prosecuting and defending white-collar crime cases. This book provides that foundation. It is also unique in that it is written by the leading senior practitioners, academics and regulators in this field. They provide the definitive account of the substantive and procedural law on white collar crime. This work is likely to stimulate an extensive conversation on corporate regulation and governance, both in Ireland and further afield.

‘White Collar Crime: Contemporary Issues in Policing, Prosecution and Punishment’ Dr Joe McGrath, University College Dublin
‘Defining Corporate, White–Collar and Regulatory Crime: Offences, Defences and Procedure’ Professor Shane Kilcommins and Dr Eimear Spain, University of Limerick
‘Towards (more of) an Understanding Criminal – and Merely Bad – Corporate Conduct’ Professor Claire Hill, University of Minnesota
‘Corporate Investigations’ David Carson, Partner, and Barry Robinson, Director, Forensic, Deloitte.
‘Ireland’s Long and Winding Road to Adequate Whistle-blower Protection’ Cathal Grennan, Senior Associate, and Kenan Furlong, Partner, A&L Goodbody  ‘The Role of the Regulator in Supervising Culture in Financial Services Firms’ Ciaran Walker, Consultant, Eversheds, and Former Deputy Director of Enforcement, Central Bank of Ireland
‘Corporate Wrongdoing: The Civil Enforcement Toolkit’ Dr Mary Catherine Lucey, University College Dublin
‘Prosecuting Companies and Directors’ Remy Farrell SC
‘Sentencing and Other Ancillary Orders’ Tom O’Malley, Senior Lecturer, NUI Galway
‘Confiscating and Forfeiting the Financial Benefit from Regulatory Offences’ Declan O’Reilly, Legal Officer, Criminal Assets Bureau
‘Conclusion: Reflecting on the Past and Future of Regulatory Enforcement’ Dr Joe McGrath, University College Dublin

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