Olympus – DS9500 Professional Digital Recorder with Wi Fi



Mobile dictation with the DS-9500 Winner of the Red Dot Design Award. Fast, easy-to-use, wireless, Secure with 256 Bit AES Encryption Anywhere, anytime

Mobile dictation, secure file management, fast sharing. Your professional mobile dictation solution

You decide when, where and how you dictate. Two microphones ensure flawless speech quality in every situation. Use WiFi to share your files from the DS-9500 (Does not apply to DS-9000) Enjoy greater efficiency and more time for the things that are important to you.

WiFi data transfer to enhance your workflow

While you’re on the move, your email recipient can already process your dictation files.*

Easy and secure management with ODMS software

The ODMS R7 software allows you to easily share your files with recipients. Prioritise highly important files. Check out how ODMS R7 enhances your wireless dictation workflow

Resilient in everyday dictation
Thanks to the robust housing and fabrication, the device is very durable. Our tests confirmed that the DS-9500 continues its recording when falling off a desk and survived the tests without any impairments (drop tested up to 1.5m). Also, the coating is alcohol resistant, allowing you to clean the device hygienically.
Intuitive operation for full concentration during dictation
The slide switch ensures intuitive operation. The high-quality materials make the dictation machine’s slide switch even more robust and durable.
Efficient working with the Docking station.
The DS-9500 Docking Station provides the seamless connection to your PC. When connected to an Olympus AC Adapter, it charges the DS-9500 in under 2 hours. Optionally, you can connect it with a footswitch and control the device remotely. This allows for hands-free dictation. The Docking Station´s network connector provides a backup data sharing solution in the absence of WiFi.

DS-9500 Premium Kit (incl. ODMS R7, A517, CR21, KP30, CS151, LI-92B) Professional Digital Recorder with Wi Fi, Slide Switch, Large LCD, Stereo, Encryption, Pin Lock,


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