Charities Accounts : A Practitioners Guide to the Charities SORP



Charity Accounts: A Practitioner's Guide to the Charities SORP (FRS102) is the definitive professional guide to best practice in public accountability and regulatory compliance for charities under the current UK and Eire Statement of Recommended Practice. Packed with practical information and advice on compliance with the UK sector's regulatory regimes, it explains in depth what SORP (FRS102) requires for charities? annual financial reporting, what that means in practice for larger and smaller charities, how the SORP's requirements have evolved from the original 1995 version, including the Public Benefit, performance reporting, fundraising practice, and governance disclosures expected by the Charity Regulators charged with maintaining public confidence in charity. This new edition brings the reader up to date with the fundamental, rules-based changes brought by the globally-derived FRS102, as well as the relevant new requirements of charity legislation and the increasingly forensic annual returns regime whose extended disclosures are clearly designed to transfer the regulatory risks onto the charity trustees and their professionally regulated auditors and their as yet unregulated independent examiners.

It offers a wealth of necessary insights into the origin and development of the Charities SORP, now firmly anchored into global financial reporting through the largely rules-based FRS102. Charity Accounts: A Practitioner's Guide to the Charities SORP (FRS102) is an essential title for charity trustees, treasurers and finance personnel, charity regulators and funding bodies, charity auditors, independent examiners and advising accountants, as well as lawyers with accounting expertise or who need to relate the strict demands of trust law for charity administration to the increasing influence of 'substance-over-form' considerations on financial reporting by the larger charities under FRS102.

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