Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland



By: Ronan Keane
Published: 19-12-2017
Format: Hardback
Edition: 3rd
ISBN: 9781526502537

Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland
The third edition of this well-established legal text provides a comprehensive treatment and analysis of the area of equity and trusts.

This updated and expanded new edition provides an insight into recent developments in relation to both trusts and equitable remedies.

New important case law in the area such as Stanley v Kieran [2012] IESC 19, Greene v Coady [2014] IEHC 38 and Ulster Bank v Roche [2012] 1 IR 765 are fully explored.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 The Historical Background
Chapter 3 The Maxims of Equity
Chapter 4 Equitable Interests and 'Equities'
Chapter 5 Priorities, Registration and Notice
Chapter 6 The Nature of a Trust
Chapter 7 Express Trusts I: The Essential Elements
Chapter 8 Express Trusts II: The Formal Requirements
Chapter 9 The Office of Trustee
Chapter 10 Duties and Powers of Trustees
Chapter 11 Charitable Trusts
Chapter 12 Resulting Trusts
Chapter 13 Constructive Trusts
Chapter 14 Void and Voidable Trusts
Chapter 15 The Injunction
Chapter 16 Specific Performance
Chapter 17 Rescission
Chapter 18 Rectification
Chapter 19 Tracing in Equity
Chapter 20 Delivery Up and Cancellation of Documents
Chapter 21 Receivers
Chapter 22 Conversion and Reconversion
Chapter 23 Election
Chapter 24 Account
Chapter 25 Satisfaction and Ademption
Chapter 26 Performance
Chapter 27 Estoppel in Equity
Chapter 28 Constructive Fraud: Undue Influence and Unconscionable Transactions
Chapter 29 Breach of Confidence and Privacy
Chapter 30 Administration of Estates: Generally
Chapter 31 Administration of Estates: Remedies

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