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Markesinis & Deakin's Tort Law

Eighth Edition

Simon Deakin and Zoe Adams

  • This leading textbook covers all aspects of tort law and and provides students with the access to innovative thinking on the subject
  • Is well-referenced with a bibliography and footnotes which provide a platform for further study, encouraging students to read the best of the available literature
  • Provides a variety of comparative and economic perspectives on the law of tort and its likely development, placing the subject in context and giving students a deeper and richer understanding of tort law
  • Through the range of academic perspectives combined with a highly readable style, encourages reflection and analysis, helping students to develop these increasingly important skills
  • Also available as an e-book with functionality, navigation features, and links that offer extra learning support
  • Takes account of over thirty new Supreme Court decisions affecting vitually all aspects of tort law from duty of care to defences, numerous other cases shaping the law's development, and major new legislation including the Defamation Act 2013 and the Consumer Rights Act 2015
  • Provides extensive analysis of the radical changes made to the law governing vicarious liability following decisions in the Christain Brothers case, Cox v Ministry of Defence and Armes v Nottinghamshire County Council, and discusses the far-reaching implications of the expansion of non-delegable duties of care in Woodland v Essex County Council
  • In relation to duty of care there is an analysis of the clarification undertaken by the Supreme Court in Robinson v Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police and an exploration of the shifting boundary between the tort of negligence and human rights law
  • There is also account of emerging responses to risks associated with new digital technologies in the areas of product liability, defamation, and the protection of privacy

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