Local Authority Enforcement

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By John Morrissey

Published: 28-02-2014
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Local Authority Enforcement focuses on the Planning and Development Acts in Ireland and provides detail on evidentiary and procedural matters.

The Acts containing the offences included are:
Planning and Development Acts, 2000-2011;
Waste Management Acts, 1996-2011;
Water Services Acts, 2007-2012;
Building Control Acts, 1997 and 2007;
Fire Services Acts, 1981 and 2003;
Derelict Sites Act, 1990;
Control of Dogs Acts, 1986-2010;
Litter Pollution Acts, 1997-2009;

Part I - Preliminary Matters;
Part II - Planning and Development;
Part III - Waste Management;
Part IV - Water Services;
Part V - Building Control / Fire Services / Derelict Sites;
Part VI - Control of Dogs / Litter Pollution.

Local Authority Enforcement also includes precedents.
Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Local Authority
Chapter 3: Registers
Chapter 4: Authorised Persons
Chapter 5: The Minister
Chapter 6: An Bord Pleanála
Chapter 7: An Garda Síochána
Chapter 8: The Environmental Protection Agency
Chapter 9: Irish Water
Chapter 10: Participants in a Prosecution
Chapter 11: Initiating Proceedings
Chapter 12: First Appearance in Court
Chapter 13: Evidence
Chapter 14: Particular Privilege: Introduction
Chapter 15: Particular Privilege: Unauthorised Development
Chapter 16: Particular Privilege: Uncertified Things
Chapter 17: Particular Privilege: Licences
Chapter 18: Notices: Introduction
Chapter 19: Notices: Enforcement Notices Under the PDA
Chapter 20: Notices: Other Notice Offences Under the PDA
Chapter 21: Notices: Notices Under the WSA
Chapter 22: Notices: Other Regulatory Notices
Chapter 23: Notices: Administrative Notices
Chapter 24: Other Regulatory Offences: PDA
Chapter 25: Other Regulatory Offences: WMA
Chapter 26: Other Regulatory Offences: WSA
Chapter 27: Other Regulatory Offences: FSA
Chapter 28: Other Regulatory Offences: BCA
Chapter 29: Other Regulatory Offences: LPA
Chapter 30: Other Regulatory Offences: CDA
Chapter 31: Administrative Offences: Introduction
Chapter 32: Administrative Offences: Interfering with Affixed Notices
Chapter 33: Interference with Functions
Chapter 34: Administrative Offences: Failure to Comply with Directions or Requirements
Chapter 35: Administrative Offences: Failure to Comply with Requests
Chapter 36: Administrative Offences: False or Misleading Information
Chapter 37: Miscellaneous Administrative Offences
Chapter 38: State Offences: Introduction
Chapter 39: Clearly Intended State Offences
Chapter 40: Other State Offences
Chapter 41: Conclusion of Prosecution

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