Irish Income Tax 2023

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Tom Maguire

ISBN13: 9781526526687
Previous Edition ISBN: 9781526523938
To be Published: Aug 2023
Format: Hardback

"The Bible of Irish income tax ...", Irish Independent, 28 January 2018.

This tax essential, formerly known as Judge, is the leading income tax book for tax practitioners, accountants and tax lawyers. Indispensable in practice, it will help you to apply the relevant legislation with ease and precision.

It provides a complete analysis of the principles and practice of income tax in Ireland. It also provides an examination of recent key decisions by the courts both in Ireland and in the UK, as well as by the Tax Appeal Commissioners. This new edition is updated to Finance Act 2022.

This title is included in Bloomsbury Professional's Irish Tax online service.

Table of Contents
Division 1 General Background
Division 2 Assessment and Collection of Tax
Division 3 Taxation of Individuals
Division 4 Trades and Professions: Basis of Assessment
Division 5 Trades and Professions: Calculation of Profits
Division 6 Capital Allowances
Division 7 Farming and Other Income from Land
Division 8 Schedule D: Cases III and IV: Income from Patents; Investment Products
Division 9 Schedule F: Distributions from Companies
Division 10 Schedule E: Income from Offices and Employments and Covid Related Reliefs
Division 11 PAYE, PRSI and Profit Sharing Schemes
Division 12 Immovable Property
Division 13 Foreign Aspects
Division 14 Double Taxation Relief
Division 15 Estates and Settlement
Division 16 Retirement Plans
Division 17 Anti-Avoidance
Division 18 Exemptions and Reliefs

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