Principles Of Irish Torts Healy



Author: John Healy

Publication Date: October 2006

Principles of Irish Torts is designed to meet the needs of students of this increasingly demanding and complex subject.Torts is a core subject on all undergraduate law courses, and it must be passed for entrance to professional practice training courses in Ireland.
With the escalation of civil litigation in the State over the past twenty years, the body of material it encompasses is now weighty, making timely study or re-acquaintance with the subject more onerous than before. With this in mind, Principles of Irish Torts communicates the breadth of its subject with less of its girth.
The book is dedicated to essential elements and themes, and to contrasts between the torts with a view to their proper application to the circumstances of problems and cases. This book achieves its objectives with a deftness of touch and eloquence of exposition that has characterised Mr. Healy’s previous works, navigating its reader through the many intricacies, distinctions, and concepts that figure throughout torts law.
Principles of Irish Torts will be invaluable to students and lawyers, whether by introduction or re-acquaintance, and will undoubtedly become a leading authority for students who require a comprehensive yet accessible text for the study of Torts.
About the Author
John Healy is a practising barrister at the Four Courts, Dublin. He teaches Torts to many students in Ireland through the popular courses run by Griffith College preparatory to the FE1 and King’s Inns entrance examinations. He is author of Medical Negligence: Common Law Perspectives and Irish Laws of Evidence. He has published and presented numerous articles and papers on torts over the past ten years, and is now one of Ireland’s most respected and widely read writers on the law.
Contents include
Principles and Rules of Civil Liability
Vicarious Liability
Concurrent Wrongdoing
Limitation of Actions
Recovery for Nervous Shock
Recovery for Pure Economic Loss
Professional Negligence
Trespass to the Person
Employers’ Liability
Breach of Statute & Civil Liability
Liability for Defective Products
Occupiers’ Liability

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