The Irish Legal System



Allison Kenneally, John Tully

ISBN13: 9781905536580
Published: September 2013
Publisher: Clarus Press
Country of Publication: Ireland
Format: Paperback

The Irish Legal System is the first book launching the new "Core Law Text Series" by Clarus Press.

Written specifically with the student in mind this book provides a comprehensive, accurate and accessible account of the nature, structure and functions of the Irish legal system. It includes a coherent account of the constitutional principles and institutional structures which form the building blocks of the Irish legal system, including references to and explanations of important areas of substantive law.

Each chapter examines key legal principles and seeks to put each area of law into context. Chapters also include a clear statement of the intended learning outcomes to help direct and focus the students' learning. Diagrams, tables, flow-charts and summaries are utilised to reinforce the information and provide quick visual cues for the understanding of key points contained in the text.

This book is fully up-to-date and includes recent legislative and constitutional changes and amendments to EU law. It also includes international treaties between EU Member States to which Ireland has recently become a party.

The Irish Legal System is an essential textbook for all undergraduate students and all people with an interest in the Irish legal system.

Section A: Introduction to the Irish Legal System
1. The Nature and Purpose of Law
2. Types and Features of Legal Systems
3. Classification of Laws

Section B: The Development of the Irish Legal System
4. The Development of the Irish Legal System

Section C: Sources of Law
5. The Irish Constitution 1937
6. Legislation
7. Common Law/Precedent
8. EU Law
9. International Law including the European Convention of Human Rights
10. Other Sources of Law

Section D: Personnel of the Law
11. Personnel of the Law

Section E: The Administration of Justice in Ireland
12. Administration of Justice in Ireland
13. The Irish Court System-An Overview
14. Civil Jurisdiction, Procedure & Remedies
15. Criminal Jurisdiction, Procedure & Remedies
16. Access to Justice

Section F: Alternative Dispute Resolution
17. Alternative Dispute Resolution

Section G: Law Reform
18. Law Reform

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