Discovery and Disclosure



Author : William Abrahamson
Author : James Dwyer
Author : Andrew Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Round Hall
Estimated Pub Date: 30/06/2019
ISBN: 9780414071315

The latest edition of our leading text Discovery and Disclosure is now available from Round Hall. It is the only up to date Irish text dedicated to discovery and disclosure, and the only text covering disclosure in both criminal and civil matters. It brings the former main work fully up-to-date and deals with the developments in litigation since the publication of the 2nd edition in 2013, and its supplement in 2015.

? Up to date coverage of all relevant case-law, rules and legislation governing discovery and disclsoure in civil and criminal matters.
? Detailed practical information about the procedure for obtaining discovery in the High Court, Circuit Court and District Court.
? In depth analysis of the relevance and necessity tests for discovery.
? Other forms of civil disclosure (including interrogatories, admissions, and Norwich Pharamacal orders).
? Comprehensive coverage and analysis of disclosure in criminal matters, including disclosure in indictable and summary matters, defence disclosure and non-party disclosure.
? Detailed coverage of privilege (including legal professional privilege, without prejudice privilege, public interest privilege, and informer privilege).
? Addresses discovery and disclosure in specific areas (including personal injury, family law and quasi-judicial bodies).

New to this Edition:

? All chapters have been revised and rewritten to incorporate recent developments.
? Features numerous cases relating to discovery in civil proceedings since the second edition, including Tobin v Minister for Defence in which the Court of Appeal has sought to address the ?crisis? created by the burdem of discovery in civil litigation.
? Section on disclosure in criminal cases has been substantially restructured and updated.
? Includes a new chapter of discovery in family law cases, contributed by Paul McCarthy S.C.
? Expanded section on privilege, with new material on common interest privilege and the protection of journalists sources.

The book provides accessible coverage of the concepts and law at the heart of the discovery and disclosure procedure in Ireland.

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