Criminal Law and Justice in the European Union



Editor: Liz Heffernan 

ISBN: 9781911611721 

Format: Paperback

Extent: Approx 350 pages

Publishing: Spring/Summer 2022


The role of EU law and policy has become a subject of significant interest for those working or studying in criminal law and justice. The pace of European developments and their impact within the Irish legal system has increased demand for research and analysis on a wide range of topics including the European Arrest Warrant, mutual legal assistance, police access to mobile phone data, suspects’ rights, pre-trial supervision and the confiscation of assets.


Criminal Law and Justice in the European Union brings together a group of academics and practitioners based in Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands to explore current issues and emerging trends in this broad but specialised field. This book is designed to introduce readers to law and policy in EU criminal law and to provide detailed analysis of key areas that are pertinent to legal practice. The implications of Brexit on police and criminal justice cooperation forms a particular focus.


Content Includes:


-          The Evolution of EU Law and Policy in Criminal Justice   | Liz Heffernan

-          UK-EU Police and Criminal Justice Cooperation Post-Brexit - Amanda Kramer

-           ‘A Viral Propagation’s Assessing the Impact of EU Counter-Terrorism Law - Claire Hamilton

-          A Eurojust Perspective | Frank Cassidy

-          The Malfunctioning of the European Arrest Warrant in Ireland | Andrea Ryan

-          Non-Conviction-Based Confiscation of the Proceeds of Crime | Colin King

-          Police Access to Electronic Evidence Stored Overseas: Cooperation between the EU and the UK Post-Brexit | Gemma Davies

-          Data Protection in the Field of Criminal Justice | David Fennelly

-          Legislating from the Bench? Setting the Bounds of the Right to Pre-trial Access to Legal Assistance in Ireland | Conor Casey

-          The European Supervision Order: Relegation or Renaissance?  | Niamh Maguire

-          EU Cooperation in Policing | Cian Ó Concubhair

-          Victim Participation under the EU Victims’ Rights Directive: The Implications of Transposition for the Irish Criminal Trial | Liz Heffernan


Who Should Buy This Book?


Criminal Law and Justice in the European Union is the first book to offer a collection of perspectives on EU criminal law and justice to an Irish audience. This book will be of great interest to solicitors, barristers and others working in criminal justice agencies and non-governmental organisations. It will also appeal to academics, researchers and students specialising in criminal law and/or EU law.

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