The Law Society of Ireland - Business Law 7th editon

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By Joanne Cox

30 October 2023

ISBN: 9780198878216

440 pages, Paperback


The Law Society's business law manual provides trainee solicitors with clear and practical guidance on areas of the law that most typically apply to business clients. It is essential reading for students on the Society's Professional Practice Course and also a valuable resource for Irish legal practitioners.



  • Business Law is part of the successful Law Society of Ireland Manuals series which provides a unique guide to the law, practice and procedure in Ireland
  • The manual provides detailed and comprehensive coverage of key aspects of business law, making it an essential text for trainee solicitors on the Law Society of Ireland's Professional Practice Courses and an excellent reference for Irish legal practitioners
  • The book offers a clear overview of company and partnership structures and deals with issues most likely to arise in commercial business firms, so both trainees and practising solicitors will find it a useful resource
  • The manual's practical and user friendly focus on key subject areas encountered in practice enables trainees to feel confident they have covered essential requirements of the course in a lucid style


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