Arbitration in Ireland



Author: Barry Mansfield

ISBN: 9781911611028

Published: 7 November 2018

Following the success of the first edition in 2012, Arbitration in Ireland – Arbitration Act 2010 and Model Law: A Commentary, is now fully updated, expanded and revised to take account developments in the intervening years since first publication.


The introduction of the Arbitration Act 2010 radically changed arbitration law and practice in Ireland. Now in its Second Edition, Arbitration in Ireland – Arbitration Act 2010 and Model Law: A Commentary provides a detailed and concise section-by-section commentary on the Arbitration Act 2010 and the UNCITRAL Model Law to include a discussion on all recent Irish arbitration case-law.


In this accessible work, each provision is reproduced in full with detailed commentary providing the reader with an appreciation of the meaning and effect of each provision. The work aims to consider all materials that may be helpful to practitioners called upon to interpret the provisions of the Arbitration Act 2010, including not only Irish materials, but also international materials such as jurisprudence, the UNCITRAL travaux préparatoires and secondary materials from leading commentators.

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