Blackstone's Statutes on Public Law & Human Rights 2021-2022



Edited by: John Stanton

Format: Paperback / softback 624 pages

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Imprint: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780192898449

Published: 5 Aug 2021

Classifications: England, Wales, Constitutional & administrative law, Human rights & civil liberties law, Primary sources of law


Unsurpassed in authority, reliability and accuracy; the 2021-2022 edition has been fully revised and updated to incorporate all relevant legislation for public and human rights law courses. Blackstone's Statutes on Public Law & Human Rights is an abridged collection of legislation carefully reviewed and selected by Dr John Stanton. With unparalleled coverage of public and human rights law, Blackstone's Statutes on Public Law & Human Rights leads the market: consistently recommended by lecturers and relied on by students for exam and course use.

Blackstone's Statutes on Public Law & Human Rights is: - Trusted: ideal for exam use - Practical: find what you need instantly- Reliable: current, comprehensive coverage - Relevant: content reviewed to match your course Digital formats and resources This edition is also available for students and institutions to purchase in digital format and is supported by online resources. - The e-book offers convenient access along with functionality tools and navigation features that offer extra learning support The online resources include video guides to reading and interpreting statutes, web links, exam tips, and an interactive sample Act of Parliament.

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