Bowstead & Reynolds On Agency 23rd ed



Edited by: Peter G. Watts

ISBN13: 9780414117457
Previous Edition ISBN: 9780414109582
To be Published: December 2023
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd
Country of Publication: UK
Format: Hardback


Bowstead & Reynolds on Agency is the essential reference source for commercial practitioners. Part of the long-established Common Law Library, this new edition updates all relevant aspects of law and how they relate to agency agreements, including contract law, administrative law, tort, commercial/company law, the law of property and the conflict of laws.

The 23rd edition has been fully updated to take account of all developments in agency, including new text on:

  • implied limits to actual authority and onus of proof of authority;
  • sub-agency, and agent’s rights to indemnity;
  • vicarious liability;
  • and undisclosed principals.


The text has been updated with all key cases, including:

  • Wood v Commercial First Business Ltd [2021] EWCA Civ 471 on bribes and secret commissions
  • Law Debenture Trust Corp Plc v Ukraine [2023] UKSC 11 on capacity, actual and apparent authority
  • Philipp v Barclays Bank UK Plc [2023] UKSC 25 on actual and apparent authority
  • Barton v Morris [2023] UKSC 3 on scope of quantum meruit for services by agent
  • Barclay-Watt v Alpha Panareti Public Ltd [2022] EWCA Civ 1169 on agent’s liability for misrepresentation and joint tortfeasance
  • And new cases from Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand


1. Nature of the subject
2. Creation of agency
3. Authority of agents
4. Agency of necessity
5. Sub-agency
6. Duties of agents towards their principals
7. Rights of agents against their principals
8. Relations between principals and third parties
9. Relations between agents and third parties
10. Termination of authority
11. Commercial agents
12. A note on the conflict of laws
Appendix 1 – Commercial Agents Regulations, 1993

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