Buckley on Insurance Law 5th ed



Author: Austin Buckley 

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Round Hall Ltd

Edition: 5 ed

ISBN: 9780414090255

Published: 30 Nov 2021


Buckley on Insurance Law is the authoritative work on the subject of insurance law in Ireland, and is the reference of choice for all Irish practitioners. The book is now the acknowledged reference on matters of insurance law in Ireland and is cited authoritatively in the courts and in arbitrations.

The new edition reflects the considerable changes to Irish insurance law since the previous edition was published in 2016, most notably the Consumer Insurance Act 2019, and the considerable judicial analysis of business insurances and how such policies should be interpreted in light of the interruption to business caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.




1. Insurance and the Law

2. Insurance Intermediaries

3. Duty of Disclosure

4. General Principles of Insurance

5. General Policy Terms and Conditions

6. Arbitration Condition

7. Claims Notification, Co-operation and Procedure

8. Policy Interpretation

9. Right of Action Against Insurers

10. Legal Libilities and Insurance

11. Public Liability Insurance

12. Products Liability Insurance

13. Professional Liability

14. Employers' Liability Insurance

15. Motor Insurance

16. Material Damage Insurance

17. Contractors' All Risks


18. Business Interruption Insurance



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