Restriction and Disqualification of Directors: Companies Act 1990: A Digest of Cases 1995 - 2006

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By: Paul Dobbyn

Publisher: Clarus press ltd

Number of pages: 170

Format: paperback

Publication date: 2007

ISBN: 9781905536115


The legal principles that apply to the making of a restriction order under section 150 of the companies act 1990 are now well defined and are to be found in the seminal cases of la Moselle clothing ltd, re squash (Ireland) ltd., and Tralee beef and lamb ltd. This section has had a major impact on corporate governance. This compilation of over 60 recorded decisions, highlighting the relevant facts and decisions in each case will be of valuable assistance to practitioners in providing guidance as to what conduct the courts consider as falling foul of the section. The book also contains a section of the relatively few recorded reports of decisions made under section 160 of the companies act on disqualification orders.

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