Company Law in Ireland

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Author: Anthony Thuillier

Publication Date: 16 October 2015

a highly recommended book
Sean Nolan, review of 1st edition in Law Society Gazette

Following the tremendous success of the First Edition of Company Law in Ireland this new edition is now fully revised to take account of the commencement of the Companies Act 2014.
Many students and others find company law to be technical, dry and difficult to understand. The approach taken by the author in Company Law in Ireland, Second Edition, is to breathe life into existing Irish and English case law and use it to explain and outline the current law guiding the reader through the principles of company law in a clear and concise way.
Key concepts are clearly explained, illustrated by accounts of cases where plaintiffs and defendants are referred to by their names, and the facts come alive.
Company Law in Ireland, second edition is an essential and recommended textbook for most undergraduate law courses in Ireland. All students of company and business law, as well as business owners and persons with a general interest in company law will find this book to be both readable and accessible.

“Mr Thuillier’s enthusiasm for and knowledge of company law and novel approach makes this book accessible to persons without a prior knowledge of company law who may have an interest in the topic. Whilst its structure and useful identification of “learning outcomes” makes it particularly suitable for students others who may wish understand company law whether in connection with their business, voluntary activities or otherwise will find this book accessible and of interest.”
Extract from the Foreword of the First Edition by Ms Justice Finlay Geoghegan

Contents include
1. Introduction to Company Law in Ireland
2. Separate Legal Personality
3. Corporate Authority
4. Directors: Corporate Governance Issues
5. Directors Duties
6. Directors and Conflict of Interest Transactions
7. Restriction & Disqualification
8. Directors Personal Liability on Insolvency
9. Corporate Governance: Meetings
10. Shares & Membership
11. Transfer of Shares
12. Capital Maintenance
13. Minority Protection
14. Company Borrowing
15. Receivers
16. Liquidators
17. Winding up
18. Fraudulent Preferences
19. Examinership
20. Revision Notes for Students

Who Should Buy this Book?

Company Law in Ireland is designed specifically for students and members of the public who want to understand how Irish company law works, but have been put off by the perceived difficulty of the area; it is also an excellent resource for FE1 candidates who wish to re-familiarise themselves with the area.

About the Author

Anthony Thuillier, PG Dip. Ed, is a barrister. He has taught common law courses in Humboldt University, Berlin, and at the Technische Universität Dresden. He currently lectures the LLB and FE1 company law courses in Independent Colleges, Dublin. Anthony has extensive lecturing experience ranging across Germany, Italy, and Ireland, and, using the techniques that go down best when teaching, has written this book with a view to making the material accessible for the first time.

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