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Author:  Dr Jennifer Kavanagh | ISBN: 978-1-911611-06-6  | Series: The Core Text Series | Format:Paperback | Extent: Approx 250 pages |  Price: €39 | Publishing: July 2018


Constitutional Law in Ireland is an essential guide to the core principles and provisions of Irish Constitutional Law and is a new addition to the student focused Core Text Series.  This book is written primarily for third level students who are covering Irish Constitutional Law as part of their law degree or related studies.

Designed and written as an introductory text to the key principles of Irish constitutional law this book covers all the basic aspects of constitutional law, including the following:

  • The constitutional history of Ireland;
  • The concepts of the Nation and State with relation to the constitutional position of Northern Ireland, Ireland in the EU and International Relations;
  • A consideration of the doctrine of the separation of powers, the organisation and powers of the organs of government, including the Oireachtas, the Cabinet, the Courts and the President;
  • Constitutional Rights including Family, Life, Education and constitutional justice;
  • The process of constitutional interpretation, amendment and reform including a consideration of proposed referendums.

Constitutional Law in Ireland is an excellent introduction to this key area of undergraduate study, and can also be used as an ongoing revision and reference source to provide extra support to students throughout their studies.

Contents include

  • Introduction
  • The History of the Irish Constitution
    • Pre Independence
    • 1919 Constitution
    • 1922 Constitution
    • Factors leading up to the 1937 Constitution
    • Continuity between Constitutions
    • Repeal of the 1922 Constitution
  • Defining the Nation and State
    • The Nation
    • The State
    • Ireland and International Law
    • Ireland and Membership of the EU
  • The President
    • Powers of the President
    • Presidential Commission
    • The Council of State
    • President and relationship with Government
    • Legislation and the President
  • Government and the Constitution
    • The Separation of Powers
    • The Oireachtas
    • The Executive
    • Constitutional Office Holders
    • Local Government
  • The Courts and Trial of Offences
    • The Courts
    • Independence of the Judiciary
    • Access to Justice
    • Locus Standi
    • Trial of Offences
    • Trial by Jury
  • Fundamental Rights and the Constitution     
    • Human Rights and the Constitution
    • Absolute Rights and Proportionality
    • Personal and Unenumerated Rights
    • Equality
    • Right to Life
    • Civil and Political Rights
    • Family, Children and Education
    • Right to Property
    • Religion and the Constitution
    • Socio- Economic Rights
  • Amending, Interpreting and Reviewing the Constitution
    • Amending the Constitution
    • Constitutional Interpretation
    • Judicial Review and the Constitution
    • Constitutional Law Reform

About the Author

Jennifer Kavanagh BA (Hons) Legal and Business Studies, LL.M., PhD. is a Lecturer in Law in the Department of Applied Arts in Waterford Institute of Technology. Her primary research areas are Constitutional Law and Electoral Law.

Who Should Buy this Book?

Constitutional law is a core subject for every undergraduate law programme in Ireland, therefore this is essential reading for all undergraduates.

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