Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001: Annotated and Consolidated - Hardcover



By Cathal McGreal

ISBN 13: 9781858006239
Publisher: Round Hall, 2011

Updated 2nd edition There have been several important amendments to the Act which are set out in the 2nd Edition in consolidated form. Among these are substantial changes to the offence of possession of certain articles and the procedure for obtaining a search warrant. And since publication of the 1st Edition, the Courts have held, for example, that cheating the public revenue is not an offence in Ireland. The new edition: *Provides detailed commentary on each section to the Act *Includes reference and analysis of all relevant cases and reference material post-dating the first edition, including various decisions on the indictable nature of theft offences, the time limits applicable to their prosecution and the burden of proof. *Examine such issues as the requirement to establish ownership in theft prosecutions; the manner in which burglary offences should be charged; and the continuing existence of such offences as conspiracy to defraud in light of the broad abolition in the 2001 Act of common law acquisitive offences.

Cathal McGreal is a practising barrister.


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