Criminal Law By Coffee



Criminal Law
Author : Gerard Coffey
Publisher: Round Hall
Publication Date: 07/12/2010
ISBN: 9781858005874
Jurisdiction: Ireland

Note: Criminal Law ? Essential Law Text ? 2nd edition by McInytre and McMullin will be replaced by this Essential Law Text on Criminal Law by Gerard Coffey.

This introductory book covers the essential topics on undergraduate criminal law courses in an easily comprehensible manner. Each chapter is structured to present the material in the best order to facilitate a clear understanding of the core principles. Clear headings navigate the reader through the text and facilitate the development of a sound understanding of the principles and policies of Irish criminal law. Suggestions for supplementary reading provide direction for further investigation and study of key topics. It provides a clear explanation of the key principles and concepts for students, lawyers and others who require an understanding of the essentials of this subject.

Criminal law is one of the core subjects required for entry to the professional courses at the Law Society of Ireland and the Honourable Society of King?s Inns.

Contents include: Nature, characteristics and scope of the criminal law; actus reus; mens rea; strict liability; negativing factors and defences; secondary liability; inchoate offences; homicide and related offences; non-fatal offences against the person; sexual offences; theft and fraud offences; handling stolen property and other proceeds of crime; forgery; public order offences; criminal damage; criminal liability of corporations; human rights in the criminal law; European criminal law; and codification of the criminal law.

Dr Gerard Coffey is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Limerick.

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