Criminal Procedure in the District Court: Law and Practice



Author: Christopher Hughes and Stephen Hughes

ISBN: 978-1-905536-68-9

Format: Hardback

Publication Date: 21 January 2015 
Criminal Procedure in the District Court: Law and Practice contains a concise examination of the law and procedures most frequently encountered by practitioners in District Court criminal law proceedings. This unique book provides succinct summaries of the relevant legislation, consolidated and annotated, for a broad range of the most commonly prosecuted offences in the District Court.
Presented in a simple, clear and user-friendly format, the combination of practitioner tips, sample drafting/documentation and consolidated and annotated legislation for a diverse array of commonly prosecuted offences makes Criminal Procedure in the District Court: Law and Practice both distinct and unique in its content and analysis of District Court criminal law practice and procedure.
About the Authors
Christopher Hughes LL.B., BL is a practising barrister.
Stephen Hughes LL.B., LL.M., BL is a practising barrister.

Contents include:
Chapter 1: Background to the District Court
Chapter 2: Instituting Proceedings and First Appearance
Chapter 3: Bail
Chapter 4: Disclosure
Chapter 5: Legal Aid
Chapter 6: Bench Warrants
Chapter 7: Adjournments and Remands
Chapter 8: Theft and Fraud Offences
(including offences under the Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act 2005, Revenue offences and offences under the Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1995).
Chapter 9: “Public Law” Offences
(including offences under the Planning and Development Acts, litter offences, waste management offences, building control offences and water pollution offences).
Chapter 10: Road Traffic Offences
(covers an extensive and diverse range of motoring offences including intoxicant related driving offences such as “drink driving”, non-intoxicant related offences such as “dangerous driving” and documentary offences such as “driving without insurance”).
Chapter 11: Fixed Charge and Penalty Points Offences
Chapter 12: Non-Fatal, Firearm and Offensive Weapons and Domestic Violence Offences
Chapter 13: Criminal Damage Offences
Chapter 14: “Attempt” and other Inchoate Offences
Chapter 15: Public Order Offences
Chapter 16: Drug Offences
Chapter 17: Structure of a Hearing in the District Court
Chapter 18: Evidence
Chapter 19: Sentencing in the District Court
Chapter 20: Appeals from the District Court
Chapter 21: Case Stated
Chapter 22: Judicial Review
Chapter 23: Adult Cautioning Scheme
Chapter 24: Costs

Who should buy this book?
This book is essential for any legal practitioner or member of the Gardaí specialising in District Court criminal law. It additionally serves as a comprehensive resource and useful point of reference for legal academics, law students and members of the public with an interest in criminal law as encountered in the District Court.

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