Dublin Castle: From Fortress to Palace Volume 2



By Ann Lynch

320 pages.

ISBN: 9781446880968


With volume one winning first place the Listowel Writer's Week Nilsson Local Heritage Award, this is the second of a three-volume series on Dublin Castle and the archaeological excavations carried out there between 1961 and 1987.
Volume 2 focuses on the Viking-age archaeology that pre-dates the foundation of the Anglo-Norman castle. Significant evidence for Viking-age habitation, including post-and-wattle houses, was uncovered as part of the first archaeological excavation to be carried out in Dublin, at the Cross Block in 1961-2.
Further evidence of habitation was excavated at the areas of the Cork Tower and Powder Tower in 1985-7, with elements of the eastern defenses of the Viking-age town recorded within the footprint of the latter tower. The extensive collection of artifacts discovered during the excavations and the analysis of environmental samples, faunal and human remains and metalworking debris throw much light on everyday living conditions and craft activity within the Viking town.
Placing the findings of these excavations within their national and international context, specialist contributions by many experts ensure that this publication contributes significantly to an understanding of early Dublin.


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