Employment Law 2nd edition



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Author : Frances Meenan
Publisher: Round Hall
Pub Date: 03/2023
ISBN: 9780414061743

The new edition of Employment Law comprises a diverse range of sources which make up this body of law namely contract, tort, public, constitutional, statute, EU and case law. The new edition provides an extensive commentary on all aspects of employment law. All chapters have been revised to incorporate recent developments.

Developments included in the new edition:

* Workplace Relations Act 2015, consideration will be given to the constitutionality and operation of this Act following its first year of operation.
* Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2015
* Protected Disclosures Act 2014
* New forms of employment relationship and the so-called gig economy
* Posting of workers, European Posting of Worker Regulations S.I. No. 412 of 2016
* Right to earn livelihood - White v The Bar of Ireland [2016] IEHC 363
* Work permits: Ali v Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation [2016] IECA 55
* Payment of wages, consideration of recent case law to include the application of collective agreements and the contract of employment
* Collective agreements: Reid v Health Service Executive [2016] IESC 18
* Data protection and the contract of employment
* Public procurement and employment
* Hours of work and new work arrangements
* Industrial relations and the extension of the right to strike
* Labour Court recommendations: Mullally v Labour Court [2016] IECA 291
* Pay transparency and the gender pay gap ? EU Recommendation on pay transparency L 69/112 2014/124/EU
* Employment equality developments, religious symbols in the workplace ? Case C-157/15 G4S Secure Solutions and Case C-188/15 Bougnaoi and Abbh ? CJEU
* Equality ? Practice and Procedure, County Louth Vocational education Committee v Equality Tribunal [2016] IESC 40
* Paternity leave: Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016
* Bullying and harassment: Ruffley v The Board of Management of St. Anne?s School [2015] IECA 287
* Disciplinary procedures: Conway v Health Service Executive [2016] IEHC 73; Brennan v Irish Pride [2015] IEHC 665
* Whether an acquittal charge acts as an estoppel for initiating disciplinary procedures ? McKenna v Commissioner of An Garda S?och?na [2016] IEHC 119
* Insolvency, Glegole v Minister for Social Protection [2017] IECA 37
* Protection of Employment Act 1977, Foley v Workplace Relations Commission [2016] IEHC 585
* Judicial review: Garda Representative Association v Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform [2016] IECA 18; Miley v Employment Appeals Tribunal [2016] IESC 20

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