Entertainment and Media Law in Ireland



Author: Simon Shire

ISBN:  9781911611912

Format: Hardback (Limited Edition

Publishing: 11/2023 


Entertainment and Media Law in Ireland explores the diverse issues which typically arise in the media and entertainment sector in Ireland. It will bestow on the reader a valuable working knowledge of the legal principles and commercial realities at play. This textbook can also be viewed as a series of signposts in the form of best practice procedures and is written from a practical, hands-on perspective. The work is presented in straightforward language while simultaneously citing legislation, EU/international law and case law precedent from a number of common law jurisdictions for the benefit of its legal and/or otherwise more industry-experienced audience.

With 36 chapters divided into six parts, this book covers an extensive range of topics from business management and production risk mitigation to funding and distribution of films and television output, stage shows, data protection, life rights, trademarks, passing off, music law, licensing of concerts and events, regulation of audio-visual content, together with the legal issues affecting journalism and broadcasting, both traditional and online.

Entertainment and Media Law in Ireland is the first book of its kind in this country collating a wealth of domestic and international information sources to address the myriad business and legal considerations confronting creative practitioners and lawyers alike, and furthermore to ensure all production paperwork is in order to allow full and unfettered commercial exploitation of the subject project. It draws on the author’s substantial legal experience as well as his deep appreciation and in-depth understanding of music, television, film and radio production. The book emerged from a discovery of the dearth of authoritative sources available in this specialist field of law and his yearning to provide a one-stop resource to plug this unsustainable lacuna.


Content Includes


Part I : Business Management, Regulation and Risk Mitigation

  • Company Formation; Beneficial Ownership & Anti-Money Laundering; Taxation
  • Media, Event and Film Production Insurance
  • Safety, Health and Welfare at Work
  • Defamation; Parody & Satire; Norwich Pharmacal Orders
  • Defamation of a Body Corporate and Product Disparagement

Part II: Audiovisual, Stage and Radio Productions

  • Distribution Strategies for Film Financing, Distribution Agreements and Digital Distribution
  • Private Funding
  • State Aid, Section 481 and The Film Regulations
  • Screen Ireland, BAI, Arts Council and Local Funding
  • Chain of Title; Copyright, Moral Rights and Performer Rights
  • Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market: New Rights for Content Authors and Performers
  • Trademarks, Trademark Infringement and Passing Off
  • GDPR and The Data Protection Act 2018
  • Filming Permits and Drones
  • Employment of Children and Young Persons
  • Animal Actors and Circus Animals
  • Releases and Music Clearance
  • Life Rights; Right of Publicity; Commercials & Image Rights; Passing Off
  • Stage Rights
  • Radio Documentaries
  • Royalties and Residuals for Actors, Directors and Writers

Part III: Music Production and Performances

  • Joint Authorship Litigation, Band Partnership Agreements and Recording Contract/Artist Management Litigation
  • Music Publishing, Licensing and Royalties
  • The War of Music Plagiarism Lawsuits
  • Music Insurance; Shooting Music Videos

Part IV: General Entertainment

  • Occasional Licences for Marquees and Licensing of Concerts, Festivals, Public Events and Theatres
  • Fire Safety, Occupiers’ Liability, Event Security and Licensing Indoor Events
  • Permits for Busking and Street Performances
  • Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries; Premium Rate Services; ComReg

Part V : Digital Safety, Broadcasting Regulation and Audiovisual Media Services

  • Harmful Content Regulation and Establishment of a Media Commission
  • The BAI/Media Commission: Compliance, Enforcement, Codes and Standards
  • The Audiovisual Media Services Directive

Part VI : Journalism Law, Regulation and Ethics

  • Court Reporting and Contempt of Court
  • Privacy and the Tabloid Press
  • Gagging Orders, Super-Injunctions and Secret Investigative Filming
  • The Press Council of Ireland and Office of the Press Ombudsman; Protection of Journalistic Sources

About the Author


Simon Shire is a Solicitor and Notary Public who specialises in entertainment and property law. A former law lecturer at the University of Limerick, he currently guest-lectures on the film production diploma at Pulse College in Dublin. He also holds a qualification in sound engineering and music production from Windmill Lane Academy. A member of IMRO, MCPSI and PPI, Simon regularly attends film and television courses as well as music industry seminars.


Who Should Buy This Book?


Entertainment and Media Law in Ireland is aimed at all persons involved in entertainment and media services, be they online content providers, producers, broadcasters, production house directors or company secretaries, accountants, clubs, casino operators, event organisers, music producers, radio personnel, journalists, filmmakers, theatre directors, composers or musicians. The book will also serve the needs of entertainment lawyers, law students, media graduates  and those seeking to upskill in this ever-expanding sector of the economy.


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