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Author: Dr Elaine Fahey | ISBN:978-1-905536-30-6 | Format: Paper Back
Price: €60 | Pages: approx 350 |Publication Date: October 2010


There is a rapid increase in the amount of case law on EU law in the Irish legal order. EU Law in Ireland  analyses key case law, text and commentaries in a diversity of EU law-related subject areas and provides an up-to-date and comprehensive collection of materials on EU law.

There is currently a dearth of research as to the operation of European Union law in the Irish courts. The standard published texts in European Union law do not include any materials as to the Irish legal order and research considering the operation of European Union Law in the national courts has frequently excluded data as to Ireland on the basis of a paucity of case law. However, there has been a major increase in case law in this area from the Irish Superior Courts in recent years and a large increase in European Union Regulations, Directives in Irish law. The new areas of regulation and corresponding case law generated have entailed that a collection of key case law and materials is now a timely one.

A mini-schedule of relevant primary legislation and constitutional texts are included in the publication.

This publication will be of major interest to students, academics, practitioners and Government and public servants, both in Ireland and abroad.

About the Authors

Dr Elaine Fahey is a Max Weber Fellow at the EUI Florence, Italy (2009-2010) and Assistant Lecturer in Law (On leave 2009-2010), Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland. She has taught at Trinity College Dublin, the Law Society of Ireland, Humboldt University, Berlin and is a former Judicial Research Assistant at the Four Courts, Dublin. She is the author of Practice and Procedure in Preliminary References to Europe: 30 years of Article 234 EC Case Law from the Irish Courts (2007) and has served as Secretary to the Irish Society for European Law.

Contents include:

  1. Overview of EU law in the Irish courts 1973-2010
  2. The Emanation of the State Doctrine in Irish Law: Direct and Indirect Effect and State Liability
  3. The Primacy of EU law in Ireland
  4. The Duty of Co-operation
  5. The Constitutional Dimension to the Implementation of EU in Ireland
  6. Litigation by the Irish State at EU Level and EU Law Litigation Emanating from Ireland
  7. EU Consumer Law in Ireland: Product Liability, Package Holiday Law and Unfair Contract Terms
  8. The Legal Role of the Oireachtas in EU Affairs
  9. The European Arrest Warrant in Ireland


  • European Communities Act 1972
  • European Union Act 2009
  • European Union Scrutiny Act 2002
  • European Union Act 2007
  • Article 29.4 of the Constitution post- Lisbon
  • Selection of Key Cases

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