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Author: Dr Padraic Kenna | ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-905536-37-5; ISBN (Hardback) 978-1-905536-36-8  | Format: Paper Back & Hardback (Limited Edition) | Price: PB €180 – HB €235 | Published 2011


Housing Law, Rights and Policy is the definitive work on housing law in Ireland. This book provides the first comprehensive reference and critique of the legal and policy elements of the housing system in Ireland.

Housing Law, Rights and Policy contains all relevant and up-to-date legislation, housing related case-law, government and other policy reports and human rights decisions. This book analyses the housing elements of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009, Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2009 and Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010. It also evaluates contemporary State housing policy reports based on the NESC “vision of society” documents, containing such nebulous concepts as “social inclusion “ and the more cosmetic “sustainable communities.”

The book examines key areas of housing in terms of law, rights and policy. These include  the development of, and perspectives on, Irish housing, housing needs of older people, people with disabilities and homeless people, Irish State housing finance, private mortgages, housing rights, planning, housing standards and building regulations, local authority housing, private rented housing, apartments, multi-unit developments and estates, housing associations and co-operatives, rural housing and EU law and housing.
Housing Law, Rights and Policy traverses beyond traditional black-letter law, placing relevant legislation and case-law within the contemporary contextual background where it can be fully explained and understood.

This book will be considered as the leading authority on housing in Ireland. It will be an essential reference for all practising lawyers who work in the housing related area, including all local authority lawyers. This work will also be of great interest to law-makers and public officials at national and local level, as well as academics and students, policy-makers and social policy analysts. It provides vital information for housing and housing related professionals, such as planners, housing managers, estate agents, architects, engineers, surveyors and others.

About the Author

Dr Padraic Kenna is a lecturer in law at NUI, Galway, and has extensive experience in housing law and policy issues in Ireland and the UK. Dr Kenna is also the author of Housing law and Policy in Ireland (Clarus Press, 2006).

Contents Include

Foreword by The Hon Ms Justice Laffoy

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Outline of the Development of the Irish Housing System

Chapter 3. Perspectives on the Irish Housing System 

Chapter 4. Housing Need
Chapter 5. Particular Housing Needs
Chapter 6. Housing and Irish State Finance
Chapter 7. Mortgages
Chapter 8. Housing Rights
Chapter 9. Private Law and Housing
Chapter 10. Outline of Planning, Housing Standards and Building Regulations
Chapter 11. Social Rental Housing Law – Local authorities.
Chapter 12. Private Rented Housing
Chapter 13. Apartments, Multi-unit Developments and Estates
Chapter 14. Housing Associations and Co-operatives
Chapter 15. Rural Housing
Chapter 16. European Union
Chapter 17: Conclusion

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