How to study law



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How to Study Law equips new law students with the vital foundation skills for the successful study of law. It introduces students to the system and sources of English law, and goes on to demonstrate how to find, read and analyse a variety of legal materials - cases, statutes, articles and research reports - in print and online, using original sources. Diagrams, worked examples and practical exercises allow students to practice and test their new skills.


8th Edition

Series:  Legal Skills Series

Practice Area:  Academic Law, Legal Skills

ISBN:  9780414061538

Published by:  Sweet & Maxwell

Authors:Professor A Bradney; Professor F Cownie; Professor J Masson; Professor Alan C Neal

Publication Date:  27 Jun 2017

Subscription Information:  Non-Subscribable Product






1Sources of the Law

2 Divisions of Law

3 Law and its Social Context




4 Finding Cases and Statutes

5 Reading Cases and Statutes

6 Legal Reasoning in Judgments

7 Statutory Interpretation

8 Reading Research Materials

9 Studying at University

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