Immigration and Citizenship Law



Immigration and Citizenship Law 
Author : John Stanley
Publication Date: 12/12/2017
ISBN: 9780414034839

Immigration and Citizenship Law is the first comprehensive statement of Irish Immigration, free movement, and citizenship law. It provides the practitioner with a clear overview of these areas of Irish law, and succinct analyses of the key legal issues, referring to reported and unreported decisions of the courts, legislation and administrative schemes.

Key features:

*Comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guide to Irish immigration and citizenship law, and EU free movement law in Ireland
*Clearly explains the complex Irish law on visas and entry to the state
*Clearly analyses and explains the complex case law on residency and deportation
*Provides guidance on the case law on habeas corpus in immigration-related detention cases
*Explains the operation of EU free movement law in Ireland in light of the key jurisprudence of the Court of Justice and Irish Superior Courts
*Gives special consideration to cases relating to Irish citizen children of non-Irish national parents
*Clear guide to Irish citizenship and naturalisation as an Irish citizen
*Gives you confidence in Court as you can be sure of the relevant law
*Gives you confidence in making administrative applications or drafting legal proceedings
*Helps you avoid costly and time-wasting mistakes

Table of contents:

1 Introduction and Preliminary Matters
2 Developments in the Law
3 Irish Visas
4 Entry to the State
5 Residency and Permission to Be in the State
6 Administrative Residency Schemes and Arrangements
7 Statutory Residency Permissions Relating to International Protection
8 Removal from the State under the Immigration Act 2003
9 Deportation from the State
10 Non-Refoulement Considerations in the Deportation Process
11 Family and Private Life Considerations in the Deportation Process
12 Children?s Rights Considerations in the Deportation Process
13 Amendment and Revocation of the Deportation Order
14 Injunctions Restraining Deportation
15 Transfer from the State of Applicants for International Protection
16 Civil Enforcement Measures Relating to Entry to and Presence in the State
17 Civil Enforcement Measures Relating to Removal, Deportation and Transfer
18 Criminal Enforcement Measures Relating to Immigration Control
19 Beneficiaries of EU Free Movement Law in Ireland
20 Exit from and Entry to the State on the Basis of EU Free Movement Rights
21 Right of Residence in the State on the Basis of EU Free Movement Rights
22 Permanent Residence on the Basis of EU Free Movement Law Rights
23 Expulsion, Exclusion and Other Restrictions on EU Free Movement Rights
24 Procedural Safeguards for and Review of EU Free Movement Related Decisions
25 Enforcement Measures Relating to EU Free Movement Rights, and Abuse of Rights
26 ?Static? Irish Citizens and Third-Country National Family Members
27 Irish Citizenship by Birth, by Entitlement and as Token of Honour
28 Naturalisation as an Irish Citizen


A EU Legal Instruments Relating to Immigration and Irish Transposing Measures
B Immigration-Related Matters Subject to the Special Rules for Judicial Review under Section 5 of the Illegal Immigrants (Trafficking) Act 2000
C Visa Schemes and Arrangements
D Residency Schemes
E Immigration Stamps
F Aliens Orders 1946 to 1999

About the author

John Stanley is a Barrister and Deputy Chairperson of the International Protection Appeals Tribunal. He has also been an Advisory Counsel with the Office of the Attorney General.

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