International Law in the Irish Legal System

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Author : David Fennelly
Publication Date: 24/11/2014
ISBN: 9780414034815

This title is the first comprehensive study of international law in the Irish legal system, examining both the general principles governing the implementation of this increasingly important source of law in Ireland as well as its effects on specific areas of practice. It situates the subject in the context of the European Union legal system, through which many of Ireland?s international obligations now take effect.

This book sets out clearly the status and effect of international law in the Irish legal system, its interaction with Irish and EU law, and the specific techniques with which practitioners need to be familiar when using and relying on international law in the Irish courts.

Key Features

* The first comprehensive study of international law in the Irish legal system
* Provides a clear and accessible introduction to a complex and dynamic field of law
* Examines how the key sources of international law ? treaties, custom, the acts of international organisations and international judicial decisions ? take effect in Irish law
* Addresses the important role of EU law in this field
* Includes in-depth analysis of the effect of international law on key practice areas
* Up-to-date and including all important case law and legislation.

* Introduction
* International Agreements
* Customary International Law
* Acts of International Organisations
* Decisions of International Tribunals
* Focus on Specific Areas of Practice will include: Human Rights; Asylum/Immigration Law; Commercial Law, including arbitration;Criminal Law; Environmental Law; Family Law

About the author
David Fennelly is a practising barrister and assistant professor at the School of Law, Trinity College Dublin. He is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (LL.B.(Ling. Franc.), Ph.D.), New York University (LL.M.) and the King?s Inns (B.L.). Prior to commencing practice, he worked as an assistant to judges of the International Court of Justice in The Hague and as a judicial fellow in the High Court, Dublin.

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